Thursday, 28 May 2015

we have been doing reading rewards in our classroom here is my level I'm on.

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And here is my books I've read 
05/28/2015James And The Giant Peach345482  
05/26/2015Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off345482  
05/25/2015HUNGER GAMES T2254296  
05/24/2015HUNGER GAMES T2123254  
05/23/2015HUNGER GAMES T2273352  
05/21/2015Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off230431  
05/20/2015Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off110178  
05/19/2015Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off2065  
05/17/2015Adventures of Nanny Piggins263352  
05/16/2015Adventures of Nanny Piggins127296  

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