Friday, 27 March 2015


Te Kaha

I jumped off the boat, heading for the biscuit. It was very freezing when we had to walk through the cold sea to the biscuit. My heavy sister had to lie on me so I wouldn't fall off the biscuit into the sparkling glossy ocean. I held on to the handle on the green, blue biscuit. I felt the water squirting on to my face.Seagulls squawking, laughing, the motor on the boat hotting getting ready to go into the ocean. I saw the big green hills and the shiny ocean. I was very nervous for my first go. I was yelling SLOW DOWN but my annoying sister wanted to go faster. We saw some of my family shouting GO, over at the camping ground. I’m surprised that i didn't fall off. It was getting pretty dark, when we jumped off the biscuit. The waves started to calm down, and the lights started to shine.

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