Monday, 25 November 2013

UV rays

I am going to tell you something about our classes UV ray bracelets...
Our class has bean making these UV rays bracelets
UV rays is this type of thing that comes from the sun & you can get really sunburnt
And it can cause bad skin cancer so that's why our teacher bought some string & these expensive beads for our UV rays bracelets, we had to finger knit our bracelets then put our beads on.
When you go outside under the sun it will change to a colour like rainbow colours but we only got 3 beads that we slid on my one is orange purple orange it always comes the same colours.
And that's a UV rays that our class has learnt!

Monday, 14 October 2013

roberts master picece

this is how i counted in bits...
and thats my answer.... here is a picture of his mater piece...

Colour graph

Here is my pie
there is  4 colours and 23 people to pick a vote and 8 people voted for blue,
 10 people voted red,
4 people voted for yellow,
1 person voted green.

Monday, 23 September 2013

1. Book title and author: Josh and the tooth fairy     By:    Beverley wood
2. Main idea of story: Josh had a wiggly tooth It fell out and he got 1$
3. Main characters in the book:    Josh  Mum and dad  
4. Something unique  and interesting about the story/book for readers to know:It kider got interesting and funny at the end.
1. Main idea of the story:Then his dad got some cow teeth.
2. Where does the story take place:It takes place at Josh's house.
3. When does the story take place:Josh's house.
4. Something unique about the time/place in which the story takes place and how it affects the characters;
1. Main characters of the story/book: josh mum cat dad
2. What are the relationships like between characters in the story/book? mum and dad
3. Does something important or meaningful to the story happen to a or between characters? describe it in one sentence:
Well its about a boy called josh he had a wiggly tooth that fell out!
one day in the morning he woke up he looked under his pillow there was about $1 then his dad walked in he had a cow tooth ,
he put those under his bed then he woke up and looked under and there were hay!
3. Do you think other kids would  enjoy reading this book and why? kinder because at the end its a bit funny.
1. Was the story/book entertaining , educational , amusing , etc ., and why?
entertaining because its kinder kiddy.
2. why did you enjoy reading this story/book?
I did like it and i did not like it so kinder
3. Would you  recommend other kids to read this book?
not really.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Babies on the go

about the story...
Once upon a time in the jungle...
Some babies stand up right away.
They take a step, then run and play.

But many need more time to grow, so they have other ways to go....
Rolling by in baby strollers.
Holding tight to mothers shoulders.
Crabbing on to clumps of hair.
Riding bareback through the air.
Swinging in a belly swing.
Sailing snug beneath a wing.
Towed along a bumpy trail.
Surfing on a paddle-tail.
Flying by beneath a cape.
Dangling from a fuzzy nape.
Nudged along with gentle paws.
Floating by in giant jaws.
Perching on a mothers hip.
Stretching on board a ship.
Tucked inside a private sack.
boosted by a piggy back.
Touring solo on there ride.
Squeezed together, side by side.
It doesn't matter how you go. slow.
On the ground of high above,babies always ride with love.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Calendar art

Here is my calendar art.
Here is some instructions how I made my art....
well I got

2. pencil
3. rubber
4. paint brush
5. paint

Then we get your your colours for your back ground
we paint our back then when your done wait for it to dry.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

summer's shape

This is my shape.... here is some instructions how I made my shape....
I started by getting my maths book and
 writing what instructions
 I need to make my pretty shape.....

Then I went down to the library area. I got some shape bits I got the idea with this piece of paper that we could get an idea.

I started with my idea from the other one that I got the idea.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

summer's box

Geometry 2D and 3D shapes
In Room 14 we have been learning to
- Identify shapes in nets by unpacking boxes and drawing around shapes
- Use nets to make 3D shapes

This is my box, this is how we made it....

Well I started off by getting a piece of paper then I ruled some lines going little big little big. Then I made sure that we had tabs on it otherwise it won't glue so I cut it out then it turned out good. Then I folded the lines I made sure that I folded against the lines then it was folded. I got my glue stick and then I glued them together and there is the net.