Friday, 27 March 2015

My reading articals

This story is about a race.

The Confidence Coarse

Where no boat could live.

My Opo Summer

My Opo Summer

Kiwi kids news

My brilliant brain

My Interrupter sentences

Use two commas to set off an interrupter.

SENT  ,    interrupter  ,  ENCE .

Her hair, that was blond, was held back with a hair tie.
Mr Brown, my crazy neighbor, says that we are all very clever.

Then out she went, outside, closing the back door behind her.

Wearing her favorite Sunday clothes, with pink polka dots, covered with her puffy jacket.

I love rocky road ice cream, hard and cold , nice and sticky.

Things about us

Our challenges

Art Waka

My Story

lookdown.PNGI froze. All the sentences were repeating through my head. Am I going to fall, will I make it. I was cold as ice. The wind surrounded me like a swirling tornado. The lights distracted me. I felt scared and frightened, like I was going to fall onto the gravity grey concrete.

I was quite embarrassed because everyone could see me!  I went all goose bumpy. If I didn’t have a jumper on I would be extra freezing!
When I looked down I saw people cheering for me to carry on, yelling, “keep on going”,“never give up”!

“well then”, I said to myself, “I better get started”. So I carried on.  

Summer’s mihi,
Tēnā Koutou katoa
Ko Raumati ahau
Nō Havelock North ahau
Ko Makeo te maunga
Ko Waiuau te awa
Ko Havelock North Primary  te kura
Kei Whakatohea
Te Whanau-a-apanui te iwa
Kei te mihi

Tēnā Koutou, tēnā Koutou katoa.
Take a trip inside my mind,
A place where I think, try, create and concentrate.

WIN_20150211_094144 (2).JPG

At times my brain has little meltdowns like a week ago when my mum told me off from getting caught listening to music really loud.

I have six half brothers and sisters

1.Samadhi  5.Hamai   
2.Areta     6.Rama
3.Danielle  7.Summer

I dream of growing a tree that grows money and never stops growing!

I wonder what year six is going to be like this year.

My hope is to go study at University and get the job I want like being a cat photographer or an lawyer.
I can often be found practicing netball outside or playing with Alara on the trampoline doing gymnastics.

When no one is watching I listen to addictive songs like sugar, up and many more

This year I am going to focus on getting badges.


Te Kaha

I jumped off the boat, heading for the biscuit. It was very freezing when we had to walk through the cold sea to the biscuit. My heavy sister had to lie on me so I wouldn't fall off the biscuit into the sparkling glossy ocean. I held on to the handle on the green, blue biscuit. I felt the water squirting on to my face.Seagulls squawking, laughing, the motor on the boat hotting getting ready to go into the ocean. I saw the big green hills and the shiny ocean. I was very nervous for my first go. I was yelling SLOW DOWN but my annoying sister wanted to go faster. We saw some of my family shouting GO, over at the camping ground. I’m surprised that i didn't fall off. It was getting pretty dark, when we jumped off the biscuit. The waves started to calm down, and the lights started to shine.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Insect Drawing

We had to pick our favorite place to work out of the class room. I picked the high table, because I thought that we could use it for art.

Marble run