Friday, 27 March 2015

Take a trip inside my mind,
A place where I think, try, create and concentrate.

WIN_20150211_094144 (2).JPG

At times my brain has little meltdowns like a week ago when my mum told me off from getting caught listening to music really loud.

I have six half brothers and sisters

1.Samadhi  5.Hamai   
2.Areta     6.Rama
3.Danielle  7.Summer

I dream of growing a tree that grows money and never stops growing!

I wonder what year six is going to be like this year.

My hope is to go study at University and get the job I want like being a cat photographer or an lawyer.
I can often be found practicing netball outside or playing with Alara on the trampoline doing gymnastics.

When no one is watching I listen to addictive songs like sugar, up and many more

This year I am going to focus on getting badges.

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