Monday, 9 September 2013

Babies on the go

about the story...
Once upon a time in the jungle...
Some babies stand up right away.
They take a step, then run and play.

But many need more time to grow, so they have other ways to go....
Rolling by in baby strollers.
Holding tight to mothers shoulders.
Crabbing on to clumps of hair.
Riding bareback through the air.
Swinging in a belly swing.
Sailing snug beneath a wing.
Towed along a bumpy trail.
Surfing on a paddle-tail.
Flying by beneath a cape.
Dangling from a fuzzy nape.
Nudged along with gentle paws.
Floating by in giant jaws.
Perching on a mothers hip.
Stretching on board a ship.
Tucked inside a private sack.
boosted by a piggy back.
Touring solo on there ride.
Squeezed together, side by side.
It doesn't matter how you go. slow.
On the ground of high above,babies always ride with love.

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